Diabetes Destroyer Review by Amy Stockwell Mercer

How This Program Helped Me Fight My Ilness

Your big computer is supposedly determining how much blood sugar should be in your blood and when you are a diabetic some of these controls are out of shape. They are all interconnected and how all this works minute to minute is now explained in my Diabetes Destroyer review. Hi, my name is Amy Stockwell Mercer.

Your finger prick test meter is supposedly gaining you some insight on what you do that affects it, but the problem is that will seem like no two days the same.

Eating and digesting food is one source of high blood sugar and when too much sugar too fast is digested a diabetic is not able to generate the huge amounts of insulin needed to lower it enough, muscle cells that normally soaked it up have become less and those still around resistant to absorbing sugar easily.

Therefore, you body will make up to four times (or even more) normal insulin to try to control it, and here is where you get in trouble because high insulin is damaging.

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This in a diabetic will not be adequate, so you either have to stop having sugar peak digestion periods, take some drug to make your pancreas make even higher more damaging levels of insulin or slow digestion, etc. artificially with other drugs, etc. If not done adequately, the high blood sugar levels then do body damage, with all the usual Diabetes Destroyer damage symptoms.

The second source of high sugar is sugar stored in your liver is released on a no one knows for sure basis, but there are some clues if the food being digested signals it is adequate, your liver is normally signaled to stop adding glucose.

You are a two fuel (3 actually) system. (glucose, fat, muscle burning) Fat and muscle cells are turned into energy, glucose on a relatively slow process, the liver is the fast source to keep levels constant, so when you are eating the right thing getting glucose into the blood stream (slowly) the regulation system needs to be telling the liver lay off adding any glucose.

However, if you have fight or flight emotions going, your liver may be signaled to dump in all the sugar you can Mr liver, we are going to need all the energy we can come up with in this life or death struggle we are expecting.. (perceived, no judgment)

The fat conversion, the muscle excess sugar storage, and digestion are slow and decided not going to be enough. This is all decided by your survival system, how critical is the perceived danger we are in?

This is what you can not measure, and it is telling your liver we have an emergency and need all the glucose you can muster to run away from this. So your emotional level is what turns this up or down. Here you are trying to figure out why your sugar level is so high, and you just had XYZ for supper that was low sugar content, etc.

This is a problem, in that the glucose level is low overnight when there is no longer food being digested. Your liver has to supply the necessary glucose to keep you going and in the morning, your system is deciding how much glucose are we going to need to be ready to run from the big bear we discover outside the cave.

You then have this high morning level anticipation danger which often goes extremely high unexplained. (strictly complements of ordered from the liver etc.) for this morning's operation until we get some food.

Change Your Eating Patterns with Diabetes Destroyer Program

Therefore, we suggest you get a very stable constant time eating pattern, etc., and strict adhere to it and learn what this does to your blood sugar levels. When you get it settled down and working, try to stick close to the same timing.

You learn what works. Keep emotions under control and learn how to handle stress, because you have many things affecting your insulin and blood sugar levels besides eating.

Learn what exercise does, I learned for example that a walk around the block lowered mine about thirty points when needed.

The next thing I learned was to eat every two hours, even if just a handful of nuts, or a couple of bites off last night's leftover chicken leg. Your liver has to kick in very little when you are supplying something slow digesting from digestion almost all day long.

Meat and fats are very slow to release. Next, I learned not to eat anything at all after 8 and preferably little after 6 pm. Next, I learned, never be up very long without eating right off. Never be up two hours without eating. Be consistent. Your body will learn the routine and not throw in imaginary danger level compensating levels. Your body will know this is the way it is every day.

After a month or two of Diabetes Destroyer diet plan, your entire level system will settle down in the safe range with just knowing what it takes to keep it there. Once you learn how then taking all these readings is unnecessary.

Taking supplements, adding fiber, protein and high fat to your diet all slow digestion and sugar peaks and spread it out over time. Even just learn to eat slow, read with meals take a lot of time levels off high sugar peaks. This is a change of not only diet, a change of lifestyle. This is you learning how to control your blood sugar.

Something done for you automatically for 40 years is now under your manual supervision.